Katie Harper

Herbal Oasis

For the launch of Herbal Essences' two new scents, I designed a rejuvenating oasis that can be built at overnight music festivals to bring paradise to consumers in a much needed and unexpected way.

Design Concept

Everything within the event is designed to look like a tropical oasis. To make the environment more interesting it will also be designed to appear to be entirely made of cut paper.

Event Logo

Entrance Gift

Upon entry, souvenir pool towels are given out to guests.

environmental design



Guests will enter through an elaborate archway made of "paper" flowers and greenery.




Guest will decide between multiple paradise choices when walking through the event. This way everyone can customize their own versions of paradise. Signs like this will show them where to go. 


Way Finding

The first decision that guests will be asked to make is between the two new scents of hair care that are being launched. Those who choose White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint will follow the grapefruit floor tiles, while those who choose Blue Ginger will follow the flower floor tiles.



The main experience features a large palm tree with shower heads throughout. Bendable banana leaves will line each shower for added privacy. 


Braid and Blow Out Bars

Next, guests will get to decide between either going to a braid bar or a blow dry bar. For males, or those who wish to let their hair dry naturally, there will also be a bar featuring two signature cocktails.

Braid Bar

Braid Bar

Blow dry Bar

Blow dry Bar



All Guests will get limited edition sample sizes of their chosen products.


SnapChat Filter

In order to reach a broader audience, there will be a SnapChat filter which guests can use while on site.